25 years streaming

Watch this film on a large screen, with the sound really loud. Rock on.

A rockumentary by Alex Pitstra and Koen de Koning about the city of Groningen.
With its rock music, creative and digital scenes. And some crazy kids with a wild idea.

Subtitles are available in English and Dutch, check the cc button in the player.


“What a great docu! Very well done and educational with a nice running gag. And very cool music! Deep bow.”

“Impressively well-made documentary. Inspirational, funny and feel-good.”

“Rock and roll and tech. Internet video is so common nowadays, nice to see that the seed for it was planted in the Netherlands. Great film!”

Blog post: how the first live video stream was produced

It was a Friday night, November 4 1994. We moved our Mac computer to the Upstairs Bar, which has a small stage, typically used for local bands to play… read more!

Pictures of the premiere

On November 1 2019, the film premiere was in Simplon, Groningen, where it all started 25 years ago. See the photos of the premiere here.

Press release

Read the press release “Streaming is 25 years old” (Dutch) (English)

1994 music:

These 400 songs were popular in Simplon between 1991-1996:
Open the Spotify playlist.

A peak into the future of live streaming

We believe live streaming is going to be the next big thing for vloggers, marketers and brands. Read this blog post about why live streaming is so cool and important.

Jet-Stream celebrates 25 years streaming

To celebrate 25 years of live streaming, Jet-Stream introduces a completely redesigned streaming management platform, 100GB extra storage, the free privacy player, and the brand new Streaminar service: read more here.

Donate to the Beatrix Children’s Hospital

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Do you want to publish the film?

We hope that our film inspires people to pioneer more themselves, to develop themselves and to achieve beautiful things together with other people. Therefore we encourage you to publish it, screen it, and promote it. The film is available under a Creative Commons license. Read more here.