Donate to the Beatrix Children’s Hospital

We offer the film ‘Ready Set Rock ‘n Roll‘ for free and only ask for a small favour in return: please donate to the Beatrix Children’s Hospital.

If you’re healthy, you can achieve anything. The Beatrix Children’s Hospital focuses not just on the health of very ill children, they focus on the wellbeing of the child and their family too.

Sometimes we forget that it is not obvious for all children that they are read to in the evenings, or that they can play outside with their friends from school.

To pioneer, to be able to help the world a little further, to be able to inspire people, you want to be free from illness, or at least you want to grow up in an environment in which you experience the least possible inconvenience from your limitations.

The Beatrix Children’s Hospital tries to create such a safe environment for seriously ill children, and also for their parents and their brothers and sisters.

The Foundation ‘Vrienden Beatrixkinderziekenhuis‘ supports the hospital not just with funding for scientific research on children’s illness, it also funds entertainment and family rooms.

One great example is the cinema theatre, where families can watch films together. Another nice example is the application of VR-goggles so children aren’t scared in a MRI scanner. You can find an overview of other events and projects here.

You can donate here. Thank you very much!